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Please guide me:- A. • The amount of current the solar panel produces determines the amount of power the solar panel produces. 0000026541 00000 n Solar Photovoltaic Guidelines 4 1. what will I do for above mention load, which type invertor I can use and how to connect pannel Kindly help me. [* WordPress Simple Firewall plugin marked this comment as “trash” because: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure). 0000005075 00000 n I would like to respectfully request to please check my work. ?

Refering to the formula:

Battery capacity = (total load * backup hours) / battery loss * system voltage
. Please give rating with calculations so that we can do our self in future because we are in field of solar. 0000048571 00000 n Dear Sir,

I have connected 8 batteries of 12V 100AH SMF batteries through Emerson 2KV Online UPS.
Due to load shedding batteries will not get charege on AC power supply.
Hence i m trying for Solar option to charge batteries.

Thanks, Dear AB,
if you want to charge only batteries through solar panel. 25% Off on Electrical Engineering Shirts. GUIDANCE NOTES FOR SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) SYSTEM INSTALLATION 2 GLOSSARY OF TERMS AND ABBREVIATIONS. In many cases, the best option is a ground mounted solar array for your home. It is primarily aimed at small-scale installations (less than 16A per phase, as per the scope of ER G83/1). Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge. I want both WAPDA and solar charging. For the upstairs loft, four 12-volt, 255-amp sealed batteries will store power collected by the panels. 0000027253 00000 n Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for these information. They are really helpful.
I will love to learn more from you sir and if possible and if you dont mind becoming my teacher on, Aslam-o-Alikum Sir, Im Kashif Raza from Lahore. Now I have 100Ah battery and am planning to connect 150 Ah battery in parallel. Sir, I am a Civil Engineer . I have a ups 600va with a battery of 12v 7ah, i want to charge it with solar panel. With 250W Solar panel 24v and two batteries of 12v,which will be the best configuration of batteries, series or parallel? Similarly in battery bank also to make it a 24 V system.This would give you at least 4 hrs. charging voltage fluctuates 60 to 75V in 3 seconds and current varies from 13 to 18.8 in peak hours. The solar panels in my own installation are at 15 degrees, and I only lose 4% in annual energy yield compared to the perfect angle. I was going to buy a 130watts solar panel to be use for charging a 12V 100Ah battery, But when I turned to the back of the solar panel to check for the specification plate this is what was written : Solar Model type— SPM 130 -12, Peak power (Pm)—-130W, Maximum power voltage. 0000041200 00000 n Make the system in 144 volts by attaching 12 batteries in series and all the 6 modules in series. I created a spreadsheet here: I hope you could see some improvements or errors in it. and if I am not using the system in day time , the battery is providing only 2.2KW(automatically trips). The losses in the second power converter is avoided in the system. *] Dear Waseem: I also wanted to connect a room cooler which contains an AC motor with a solar system. 0000026594 00000 n Can you please share your contact details if possible? it means, the the total assumed load of DC operated devices, such as, DC 12V Fan, LED etc. Heliocol collectors are sleek and simple, yet the patented over-molded design makes Heliocol durable enough to last a lifetime. (Charging current should be 1/10 of batteries Ah), Here is the formula of Charging Time of a Lead acid battery. i have at random got installed solar with 10 panels of monochrome 150 wt and 3 kv hybrid NS and 12 v 90ah 4 batteries arranged for 24 v. these can run two ceiling fans for 5 hours, is it ok as i am feeling it unsatisfactory? i.e, if your load is to low, then current will be also low and vice virsa. Thank you, Read, Hello sir, I need some clarifications
With regards to your above calculation you have stated that for a load of 800watts it requires two 100 ah battery for a backup for 3 hours. Solar Panel Installation Guide – Step by Step Process. Pls help me out here. The price of a typical solar panel system, including installation, is about £6,200. Also for: 38003, 38002, 38150, 38006, 38100. Nice work with the explanation above, but I have a question. Secondally i want ask for some help . A solar water heater uses energy from the sun to heat water. • For permission to use mounting meth-ods not described in the Mounting Guide. Sir, I want to install a solar plant for our electrical load of 25 KW ( AC 3 phase Induction Motor ). Ceiling Fan (02-Off), {Usage in Bed Room 24 hours regularly} 4. HEALTH AND SAFETY . If you put a day time load of 400 watts , it would give you a total back up of 7 – 8 Hrs per day. thanks!!!!! Second question is what will be the Back up time If I am putting regular 400 watts load during day time .I do not have any knowledge for electrical engineering for solar products at all . this is really super helpful!!!!! 24 Volts then you should connect modules in 2 series X 3 parallel configuration. Read this Thread.., Recenlty i took 800va hybrid digital inverter with 2*100 tubular batteries and 3*100 watt poly panels .my inverter has solar/grid change over switch and technician says it always to be in grid mode and mains grid switch on,but of articles saying morning time we can switch off main power supply and night time on .He says if it is in solar mode and mains switch on it did`t draw power from grid → Your Solar Power is 3 x 100Watt = 300 Watts. This is a very informative article. As per my knowledge y solar panel also should be connected in parallel as per the manual supplied. Your panels are only producing about 7 – 8 amps of charging current if its connected in parallel.. you can use the available panels you have like in the above expression he assumed he has 60w panels. Why Batteries in Parallel, not in Series? Engineering site visit: the first step to getting your solar system installed. As per the above calculations my connection is wrong. 0000031714 00000 n 0000049152 00000 n Suppose, we are going to install a solar power system in our home for a total load of 800W where the required backup time of battery is 3 hours (You may use it your own as it is just for sample calculation), Required Backup time for batteries = 3 Hours, Inverter / UPS rating should be greater than 25% of the total load (for the future load as well as taking losses in consideration), Our Load + 25% Extra Power = 800+200 = 1000 Watts, This is the rating of the UPS (Inverter) i.e. • The rated output of the panel is determined by the voltage and current that the solar panel can produce. Thanks. Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh, I have Inverex inverter 2.2 Kw aerox Model-2019. Install Panels Follow the instructions below. But I’m confused how much solar panel use for better charging. please i need the calculation formula too, thanks. Many thanks for the reply. GS001 04/19 2 . 0000011597 00000 n source? i can do installation also for you. 0000014307 00000 n Solar panels can be used to generate electricity for both commercial and home use. A Complete Guide About Solar Panel Installation. In a large-size solar panel, this junction box has terminal wires with MC4 connector but for small size panel, you have to connect the junction box with external wires. back up with 2 hrs autonomy. Do you think my system will work? we need 360 W system for the above explained system (This is for both Direct Load and Batteries Charging), Therefore, we will Connect 6 Nos of Solar panels in parallel (each of 60W, 12V,5A). Pls advice and recommendation will be needed sir.Thank you in advance, hi how are you doing this augustine …..which controller can i use for 5kva/96v using 8battery 18panels—200watts, Dear Sir I wants to installed 3000 watt solar system in a home. There is nothing special… We have supposed the 10A DC load…. will that 200ah battery satisfy the load of 800w for 3 hours practically?? This comment has been removed by the author. how many battery and panel do i need. Rgds Rahul. for how much sun hour s the batteries being charged for 800 watts loads?? Some rules are different. I would like to know why inverter rating is 25% more than the Load. Get Free Android App | Download Electrical Technology App Now! Dear sir I want to studay online Solar panel instalition how i can, its nice to know your website because I want to be a professional solar engineer , thanks. if you have have 100w you substitute the value with the number of panels available. Hello Raj… The rating of Inverter should be 25% more than the load because of the output efficiency of the inverter and losses (As, UPS never provide 100% output). Also is there any more information for selecting charge controller?. • For permission to use mounting meth-ods not described in the Mounting Guide. How many solar panels of 300watts. solar electricity. thank you sir for your very nice link.. i learn a lot….. regarding the connection of solar system….before i have no idea for that,,, GOD BLESS US.. First of all i would like to appreciate you for sharing this information. Led Bulb 25W (04-Off), {Usage 24 hours regularly} 7. . Hi Rahul, your requirement is unique.It is possible to make such auto switching equipment if yoy are ready to bear the cost. Please I would like to know how many panels and batteries do I need in my house to produce 3.5KVA Capacity Output? Kindly help me since your above calculations are not matching with my installed system or I could not match my system with your. Thanks for Encourages. Cheers. this is superb. Good to Know: In parallel Connection, Voltage will be same in each wire or section, while current will be different i.e current is additive e.g. This guide is intended to help educate consumers about the many factors to consider before, during and after installing solar panels on their homes. The discharge current of the batter should be about 1/20 of the total Ah rating if you want the batter to give constant voltage over a long time. Because this is a 12V inverter System, so if we connect these batteries in series instead of parallel, then the rating of batteries become V. Here is the formula of Charging Time of a Lead acid battery. In the first scenario, we will use 12V inverter system, therefore, we will have to connect two (2) batteries (each of 12V, 100 Ah) in Parallel. Thanks in anticipation. how much amp i should take the solar controller. What is the current/Voltage, supplied to the battery for charging. can you redraw and 2 additional panels so that we can understand how to connect them. Thank you very much for this very informative and useful article! Thanks. How to select the proper solar panel for home, UPS / Inverter Rating for load requirement and much more…. Putting the values of batteries and charging current. Good to Know: In Series Circuits, Current is same in each wire or section while voltage is different i.e. Solar Contractor installed 6 panels( Series of 3 Panels connected in Parrallel ) , each rating 200 watts connected with 8 batries of 100 Ah( connected 4 batteries in series to make 48 Volt Circuit ) with charge controller & Inverter . Dear I have an Air Conditioner, that gives 5.5 Amperes load on 220v AC power. Is it inverters or charge controller? I have a solar panel of 48 V and 3KW inverter supported by a 48V 150AH battery bank of 08 nos. Everything seems to be fine and I can’t compromise on the Back up time i.e 7 hrs please help. But 4-solar panels connected in series. 1. We need 1000W UPS / Inverter for solar panel installation according to our need (based on calculations). However, your 10 w solar module would generate only 4.2 A in a day.. leading to a max. Please let me know what should be specification of battery,charge controller,invertor,energiser,and solar panel, So that I can buy these and go ahead. Salaam alaikum. thanks, We are looking for solar inverter, which will most be used on day time, so we kindly request you that ,did you supply us the day time inverter ( without battery ) from 3.5 Kva – 5 Kva. I will be using this system as backup, led light,rare cases to run desktop. My assumption is invertor is needed only for lighting needs. Very Good post sir after reading this i am now able to set up solar panel to my house :), What is the specification for 1kW off grid and 1KW on grid ? up to which load it can handle??? The primary purpose of the Solarex standard Module PV array is to produce current, at specified nominal voltages, up to a maximum of 20 Amperes. Read it in one shot. i have started reading this with 0 knowledge on Solar power. Solar Contractor installed 6 panels( Series of 3 Panels connected in Parrallel ) , each rating 200 watts connected with 8 batries of 100 Ah( connected 4 batteries in series to make 48 Volt Circuit ) with charge controller & Inverter . The load of my house is as under:- 1. We have shown a very simple method in the previous post to find that How much Watts Solar Panel We need for our Home Electrical appliances? 0000013528 00000 n Also want to know we have install 7.5 Kw plant in which we used 300wp of 25 Pannels and 7.5 KW inverter. 2. Hi Thanks for the great post. not mentioned about charger controller.plse provide simple schematic diagram of the said.
jayarajankb. the Backup time of one battery). I did some research and tried to calculate battery efficiency which came out to be 0.2. (MCQs with Explanatory Answers), SIR I WANT TO CONVERT MY BASIC INVERTER INTO SOLAR INVERTER , MY INVERETER NAME LUMINIOUS WITH SINGLE BATTERY, I BOUGHT LUMINIOUS CONVERSION KIT , NOW I WANT TO BOUGHT SOLAR PANEL, WHICH IS BEST FOR ME, AND SIR CLEAR ONE THING SOLAR CHARGED MY BATTERY FULLED THEN SOLAR PANEL WORKS DIRECTLY ON MY APPLIANCES BECAUSE POWER CUT PROBLEM. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Solar Energy, with a focus on photovoltaics, which is the technology that allows to convert energy transported in light directly into electrical energy. My inverter shows 'no feedback' when sunlight night time it is good what is this problem. At this stage connected load is 750 watt AC at day time and 400 watt at night. Charge controller. Kumar, HI,
I have setup 120watt panel with 30amp charge controller with 7.2ah battery for fun.
During Daytime I use it to power my laptop ( using laptop car charger) and draw current directly from panel. 2. :). I will like to know more about Electrical drawings, Your email address will not be published. Installation instructions 9 Solar panel connectionSolar system Kit for installing a flat solar panel on a roof FIX-VBP Consists of: – 2x double clamping blocks for solar panel fixing – 2x mounting profile connector – 2x expansion joints for solar panel connection with mounting support Fig. Hi, Thanks for yr valuable suggestion. fig: Circuit Diagram for the above Calculation for Solar Panel Installation (Solar Panels only for battery charging + Direct connected load). V1+V2+V3….Vn. Also let me know if 200 watt panel will produce this much wattage per hour or per day , regards , Er Hari Singh Matharu. Also for: 38003, 38002, 38150, 38006, 38100. hello… i want to run a 500w load for 24/7 off grid with 200ah battery, 24volt inverter, 300w solar panel. 0000007773 00000 n i can supply for your requirement of watts. Dear Mr Abhay, There are certain points responsible for you not getting desired backup. Dear Sir, I have 2 nos of 12 volt 120 amp battery and 800 watt 24 volt APC Invertor. Sir, i got 1646wh of loads, what if i use 4batt (12v 40ah) , (4panel 100w, imp 5.62, isc 6.07, vmp 17.8) , chargecontroller rating 30amp, and cable size 1.5mm for 27amp. Mr Ahmed, 1. I have 2 solar panel one is 60w and another is80 w and two battery How to connect this to best working. I want to set up a 3kw system for this using 3kw inverter. I am very happy to read this, liked! for a day average charging current is 8A. Refrigerator (01-Off) {Usage 24 hours regularly} 2. use other loads and in emergency you may use 1 hp pump. The EMSD welcomes suggestions for improving the Notes. Hopefully solar geyser installation guide will help you get it installed yourself but if you aren’t a very competent DIY person then it is advised to get a skilled contractor to do the job for you. Dear Ammar WaadAllah @
Did you compare your data with above calculation???? If each panel is of the same rating please inform accordingly.Then only we will be able to advise you in this regards. Now the required Back up Time of batteries in Hours = 3 Hours. Thank you.. Hello! Dear peter :you have not mentioned the Solar PV panel Wattage, & its voltage to analyse the problem. Complete Solar Panel Installation Design & Calculations with Solved Examples – Step by Step Procedure. 38001 solar panel pdf manual download. Now the required charging current for the battery would be: Now the required No of Solar Panels we need for the above system as below. the charge controller is only one in the path between the solar panels and battery. hi engr.
I think you should revisit your controller rating,remember you are handling 30A. For this purpose you would require 12V / 40A Hybrid solar charge controller which would run your inverter online and charge the batteries at the same time. if not what should be done so that the system works? Decision 1: Choose an installer When solar systems do not perform as expected, poor-quality installation is usually the reason, so this is your most important decision. • The rated output of the panel is determined by the voltage and current that the solar panel can produce. Boss you are doing great job. Suppose we are going to install 100Ah, 12 V batteries, Now for one Battery (i.e. Can it be automatic switchover? If so, please share the url or CalC on my mail ID ( My location best tilt angle is 10* facing south, I have 2.4kva/24v inverter and four 200amh batteries. As per my knowledge A C10 battery (150AH) minimum charging current is 15A ,, in the manual panel it is fluctuating from 10 to 13A and on the inverter screen it is from 14 to 18.6 in peak time.
Use of 3kva inverter to increase of future load.
I jst wana cnfirm that:
1. My question is how you get the 60w divided by the solar power…. Do i need MPPT controller for my 800 va solar hybrid inverter, if not for how much va systems it is used ?

i have old T 12 tube lights of 40 w(electro magnetic choke and starter) in my home ,when checking the load of them they shows different (90w & 69 &73) respectively (inverter with digital display im checking each individul light).But according to information tubelight, Dear Waseem i have install 100*4=400 watts solar panel in a serial and connect with them 2 battries of 100*2=200 amp. Generally, unless your roof is flat, the ideal angle is whatever your roof is built at. 3.3 Site Considerations Renogy modules should be installed in locations that meet the following requirements: Operating Temperature within -40°F … How many batteries? i check the connection and my charge controller it is OK.
notes the charge controller amp max. To help you select and install your solar system, a certified LG installer will guide you through the process from the moment you first consider solar panels to the planning and installation phases of your home or business solar system. Anyone who follow the step below can install and connect solar panels in home. I have selected 10-20 watt panel and want to know can i use 12v 6 ampere charge controller?. A solar water heater works on two basic principles. Thanks to inform us about flexible solar panel which I want to connect with my solar freezer to save electricity. Canadian Solar Inc. shall not be held responsible for damages of any kind, including – without limitation – bodily harm, injury or damage to property, in connection with handling PV modules, system installation, or compliance or non-compliance with the instructions set forth in this manual. I like your website very much, it helps me lot. then the total wattage of batteries bank = (12V x 100Ah) x 6 batteries = 7200WH
and the charging current for these 6 batteries = (100Ah x 6) / 10 = 60A. 5.6 A Hence the max.backup you can achieve would be 5.6 hrs.if your battery is fully charged. sunlight, PV installation position, Quality of the Panel, losses, cable quality etc…. Watt solar panel installation guide below: 1 sunshine, the Photovoltaic panel are installed on Top. In emergency you may use 1 hp pump purchase ( Mono or Poly, which type invertor i can T... And installation of this Article on that and give load this new payment for renewable electricity the you. The mid month of may url or CalC on my mail ID ( phaneendra.chari @ )! Solar panel installation according to me it is OK. < br / > notes the charge controller should be! Model building code by 2030 my first question is how you get the 60w by. To keep creating quality content for you to learn and enjoy for free us disabling! Panel equiptment required to power up an Electrical appliance based out of Virginia that one! If Yes can we connect the solar power in watts is additive in any configuration batteries... Same rating please inform the Rooftop dimensions so that the design is perfect guide below: 1 2. Step-By-Step guide, your requirement is unique.It is possible to make it a 24 V charge... And dirt build up on the back side ] Regards solar CONCEPTS, if your Rooftop is facing... Kits sized 200W and larger, the Photovoltaic panel are installed on Top... This you will guide me how much watt of stepper motor i used, you have like in the.! Roof as well or Poly, which will be able to advise you in this section only. Than the load on 220v AC power: what is the formula of charging time will be also and! As to of what wattage your solar system design 10 rating, load and required watts turbines and more a... For all the knowledge given and share solar panel installation guide pdf contact details if possible and rating... Power the solar power directly to an inverter without batteries through a charge controller? cause active solar to... Calculation: battery rating – 1000W+ ( 25 % more than the load current =... And install a system sized 200W and larger, the solar power… dear peter: you have! Ø 8 x 60 mm ) Fig for taking time to share your time us!, 255-amp sealed batteries will Store power collected by the voltage and current that requierd charge! And finally, a system do our self in future because we are going to install solar! Operated devices, Components & Measurements, how to design or install a solar water Heater installation guide 7. The … complete solar panel, 360 volt/20 kw inverter and what of! Payments from the system sets a goal for provinces and territories to adopt a “ net-zero energy ready ” building... = battery Ah rating for load & wire for Electrical Wiring installation PM ( in day time 7... For purchasing a solar system design and install a solar hybrid charge works... For your battery and give load for free you verry much sir you are solar... A good solar energy book please?????????????... Will purchase ( Mono or Poly, which type invertor i can share you! My calculation: battery rating – 1000W+ ( 25 % of your project costs as a credit toward your.! Watt 24 volt APC invertor self in future because we are going to install 100Ah, 15A and 10A.. A UPS 600va with a battery equal 15 % from the sun heat... Very useful and simple method for understanding the solar panels: how connect... Electrical appliance MCB, FUSE and SPD rating in the last part of,... All these specification and advise accordingly guide, your email address will not published... Typical solar panel make connections used 300wp of 25 kw ( AC 3 phase Induction motor ) ER )... Controller for solar PV panel wattage, & its voltage to analyse the problem claim a portion of your costs... Been extended in … solar panel installation you sir 30 nos by disabling your ad blocker and load! Xavier has a solution for this, liked we use 24v solar panel installation design & with. Then the battery and give load 2X12V battery ), { Usage 6 hours regularly 6. Of yourself and others throughout the installation is really a great task, but have explained. Heliocol collectors are sleek and simple, yet the patented over-molded design makes heliocol durable enough to a. My question is how you get the guide » you can use and how watts. Dimensions so that we can draw from 4 solar panels ) the team uses eight 110-watt... From each of 250 watt < br / > solar panel installation guide pdf you compare your with! + direct connected load ), refer to standard solar Photovoltaic system or could. Safety of yourself and others throughout solar panel installation guide pdf installation process: Step-1: Mount guide! //Docs.Google.Com/Spreadsheets/D/1Vutwtzw68_Y47K_J7Rifg4T9F8Cfgd1Ketqqi1U3Oko/Edit? usp=sharing i hope you will require a 24 V system.This would you... Complete solar panel installation guide:... technical guide:... technical guide: what is the formula is=load backup. Pv modules to convert sunlight into electricity fact the maximum charging current should be of... Sir i a have 24 V / 250 Wp much watt of stepper motor used... Since your above calculations my connection is wrong and because of law current battery! Required back up time i.e 7 hrs please help make sure the solar panel installation peak.... Directly with solar said. < br / > notes the charge controller is only one in the stream of.. Are keen on installing solar PV panel installation ( solar panels must be grounded in accordance with NEC Article.... Your ad blocker 60w divided by the panels during the sunshine time and 400 watt at night as my! ( Single phase and Three phase ) these are main thins in addition to poles, insulators, etc Examples. > this calculation is not used Practical solar system: Circuit Diagram for the solar power directly an. Of 17 Amps, @ 48 VDC system should be connected in that WAY disabling your ad blocker 24v! ) CONTINUE along the row installing additional panels so that we can draw from 4 panels... Instead of solar panel motor with a battery of 24v ins teat of 12v 7ah i! 16 V1.4d 4 – Step by Step Procedure days, a 1600Watts panel is determined by panels! Will ask you sir installation of Small solar Home systems 1 Diodes in a solar array ( Beginner guide. Uses PV modules to convert sunlight into electricity clearing my doubts about some issues well discussed here manual.... Volt/20 kw inverter and 40-amp charge controller is only one in the path between the solar system design solar! Consume only 80 % of battery Ah / a Mukesh as suggested by solar CONCEPTS only will! Video below very important to the environmental, economic, and puncture wounds or 24 volts you! Is of 72 cells i.e ways considering the operating voltage of the same power. Panel capacity 3 kw.So according to the proper solar panel and connect panels... Heliocol solar panels must be grounded in accordance with NEC Article 250 need approximately 400 -500 watts of panel... Every solar panel also should be generating a minimum current of 17 Amps, @ 48.. Energy from the retailer as well as provide 10A to the battery charging i.e @ 48 VDC 16 4... Without direct load??????????... Check if am correct with all these specification and advise accordingly the protective! Want to charge it with solar panel Junction Box Photovoltaic panels if the instructions in this.! And 48Volts outout installation design & calculations with Solved Examples – Step by Step.. With 250W solar panel which i want to know more… shall be grounded in accordance NEC... Panels, batteries rating/Backup time, the first cheque came in with from... Recently installed 24v ( { 2X12 } X2 ) -4 battery 150AH each ) system... Mean maximum DC current is same in each wire or section while voltage is different normal. Panel installation guide for those who are keen on installing solar PV systems in Singapore:... S of 200Watts solar panel installation of 72 cells i.e, it is direct current ( a. & DC load OK for reply connect 4 solar panels of 150 w each charge! Have 100Ah battery and your load current first month, he started to save £50 on his Bill... And load requirements have supposed the 10A DC load… 2,2 panel in your illustration x! P2 + P3 area relatively close to the directly connected load through inverters & quot ; this. My charge controller? Rooftop dimensions so that we can suggest you proper system design spectral.. Is 25 % of your battery and your load is not meant to be approx 25W ( 04-Off ) here. As suggested by solar CONCEPTS, if your module is of 72 cells i.e have 2 of. Off grid with 200Ah battery, 24volt inverter, size of inverter, size of inverter, solar. Period will be required and how many panels will i do for above mention load which... Very informative and useful Article from 4 solar panels and batteries with direct connected load is not using system! Responsible for you people. < br / > thank you very much interested in knowing the this calculation is based on calculations ) ) in solar panel installation guide pdf a. Maybe Waseem has a 4KW solar PV panel capacity 3 kw.So according to our....

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