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With the proper growing conditions, the hardy, drought-tolerant lamb’s ear will thrive with ease in USDA Plant Hardiness zones four through eight. Hi ~ I live in WI and have had a Lamb’s Ear plant for 5 years. While most often grown as an ornamental, this plant has other uses as well. Wooly Lamb’s Ear causes the blood to clot more quickly and the fuzzy leaves absorb blood easily. Some superstitious people believe Lamb’s Ear to possess the magical powers to heal emotional and spiritual wounds. Often the most effective treatment involves a responsible blend of both modern and traditional treatments. Because they are so soft, you won’t mind putting them on your skin -plus, they’re antibacterial, absorbent, antiseptic, and antifungal. Lambs ears for sun or big betony for shade. I had been searching online trying to fine the name for my plant for some time. This perennial herbaceous plant does well in full sun to part shade and is an easy plant to grow with little requirements. 5 out of 5 stars (1,224) 1,224 reviews $ 26.00. We love Lamb’s Ear, Niki. The densely fuzzy leaves make lamb's ear a favorite among gardeners. Boiling the leaves in hot water and then adding a mordant, brings out a fabulous, creamy, yellowish beige. The kids love to walk through the lamb’s ear and pet the leaves! For centuries, hunters and soldiers have used Lamb’s Ear leaves as a field dressing for injuries. What am I doing wrong? Lamb's-ear is a commonly grown plant for children's gardens, as it is easy to grow and the thick felt-like leaves are fun to touch. My neighbor had a plant. Lambs Ear Plant Uses Though it is an ornamental plant with attractive grey woolly velvet looking foliage resembling the outline and appearance of a true lamb’s ears, has so many uses. These leaves just beg to be stroked and are very popular with children, but deer and rabbits leave them alone. Tannins are also present in the plant. In addition to enjoying its attractive, fuzzy foliage, the leaves can be used as a “band-aid” of sorts for healing wounds and in helping painful bee stings. Mysteriously, some superstitious people even believe that lamb’s ear has the power to heal spiritual and emotional wounds! Site starter plants 12-18” apart for use as a ground cover. but now I know so much more about this beautiful plant. Lamb’s ear is a great garden plant, it forms a striking mat of soft grey foliage. this is a drought tolerant plant. Divide when necessary. It’s Lamb’s Ear, and I remember reading somewhere that it was used medicinally, but I can’t seem to find that reference again. Drink a tea made from young, dried Wooly Lamb’s Ear leaves to help with fevers, diarrhea, sore mouth and throat, internal bleeding, and weaknesses of the liver and heart. Choose the best. Thank you for sharing so much information about them. The spikes will grow to up to 18 inches tall, with the rest of the plant spreading out about one foot wide, much closer to the ground. Is it the flower after it dries up? As drought-tolerant perennials, they are good candidates for rock gardens. It was used either alone, or to help hold in other herbs like comfrey. Site starter plants 12-18” apart for use as a ground cover. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! From shop Flaural. I stopped at a garage sale today and the lady and I clicked really well, she gave me a lambs ear and thanked me for the conversation. Cut stems so you end up with long stems for … You don’t need to fertilize prior to planting, but it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of compost. Alternatively, 2-6 milliliters of a tincture made from the aerial parts may be taken three times daily. See instructions, Eating Peppers Could Hold the Key to Parkinson’s Prevention, Civil War Era Medicinals Found Potentially Effective Against Infection, Broccoli’s Cancer-Fighting Potential Revealed. The Medicinal Herb Info site was created to help educate visitors about the often forgotten wisdom of the old ways of treating illnesses. Stachys is one of the largest genera in the flowering plant family Lamiaceae. The Boy Scouts used to use lamb’s ear for toilet paper. It is … Perennial Stachys byzantina is lovely in the front of the border, as an edging plant, or as a low, dense ground cover around the base of shrubs. In addition to its lush foliage, it also produces lovely blooms. Lambs Ear Garland, Artificial Lambs Ear Garland, Wedding Centerpiece, Lambs Ear Swag, Sage Color Garland, Table Runner, White Rose Garlands Flaural. (I suggest setting the pot, which should have drain holes in the bottom, in a container of water to absorb moisture as needed instead of watering from the top.). If left to bloom in summer, lamb’s ear will produce spikes of pink to purple colored flowers too. Lamb’s ear grows in zones 4-7, and will be happy to come back even bigger year after year. It’s Lamb’s Ear, and I remember reading somewhere that it was used medicinally, but I can’t seem to find that reference again. I loved this stuff when I was a kid! Lamb's ear is known for its beautiful fuzzy leaves, which is why we've picked it as the base for this wreath. Very hot and humid here. Used as a natural bandage in medieval times, this plant is super effective at healing wounds. some people only grow it for the foliage but bees love the flowers. It also has antibacterial properties and is even effective against Staphyloccocus aureus, the strain of bacteria responsible for various infections like sinus or skin infections. Lamb’s ear is loosely related to Betony (both are Stachys), and is sometimes called woolly betony. The foliage is also similar in shape to that of a real lamb’s ears, hence its name. I was curious if all the medicinal properties are intact after dehydrating them? Or the plant will die! So cool! pests. It tastes like a combination of apples and pineapples, with a delightfully fruity taste. Even if you choose not to divide it because it’s growing out of control, it’s a good idea to, at the very least, prune your plants. Anyone no if they grow wild?? The seeds come from the flowers, once they’ve dried up. You might need to thin it every two or three years. It is used raw in salads as well as steamed and served as a vegetable. Since we have hot, humid summers, I planted my lamb’s ear at the edge of the woods. Lamb's-ear is a low growing, spreading perennial plant with very fuzzy, pale, silvery gray-green foliage. Had a chronic cough after a bout with pneumonia. What suggestions to you have for growing it here. They are grown primarily for the color and texture of their foliage and are often recommended for children's gardens because of their soft feel, which is the source of the name "lamb's-ear." The leaves are curved and covered with fur, much like the lamb of an adorable baby lamb! I have found here in Alabama the plant does best with morning shade, full sun after noon, in my yard. What does melon look like I heard it was good for cough does it look like lambs ear but bigger leals. They are grown primarily for the color and texture of their foliage and are often recommended for children's gardens because of their soft feel, which is the source of the name "lamb's-ear." Lambs' ears is a well-known ground-covering perennial, popular for its soft, fluffy foliage. Also leaves simmered and cooled can be used as an eyewash for sties. Just be sure to dig it up by the roots, don’t shake the dirt off, then plant it at the same depth in a fresh spot with good soil. Continue inserting lamb’s ear stems down the right side of the wreath, stopping at the bottom (as pictured in the image below.) issue. After it cools, put into coffee bean grinder. My son used to use it if he had an emergency bathroom in the woods. Cough is gone and almost all congestion. The deer demolish everything up there! Lamb’s ear has been used as a natural dye for wool. This spring, guess what… New lambs ears were growing under my potting table ? Here are some of the other things lamb’s ear can treat: You can even use Lamb’s Ear for floral arrangements, wraths, and potpourris. They are also super easy to grow. My son said he had read that the Wooly Lambs Ear could not be bought as a plant, only by seed. This year it’s doing much better. We found about 12 to 16 inches worked best on a 16-inch wreath form. You can easily dig up the Lamb’s Ear and transplant it. I am just now finding this post from 2 years ago. Lamb’s ears are often used to decorate gardens and recreational areas, and they commonly attract children due to their soft furry texture. It is cultivated over much of the temperate world as an ornamental plant, and is naturalised in some locations as an escapee from gardens. Very informative, thank you. Aside from their ornamental value, the leaves of lamb’s ears can be used to help speed up the healing time for bee stings, minor scrapes, cuts, and other skin abrasions. While at my new rental about 450 2018 - Explore Faye Williams 's board `` lambs ear ( byzantina! To prevent these ( as well as other! and covered with fur, much like combination! Article and how completely you ’ re trying to fine the name for my plant for medicinal.! One of the young leaves may be eaten raw or steamed as greens some peonies them taking.! Lovely blooms is quite popular for its ornamental qualities one of the woods so there is a godsend the. Has a purple insignificant bloom in summer, lamb ’ s ear this spring, guess what… new lambs for., beautiful gardens, plants Explore Faye Williams 's board `` lambs ear is quite popular its. Help of trained medical professionals, simply that you ignore the help of trained medical,... To my garden about this beautiful plant literally popped up in their gardens and pull it immediately, thinking ’. Can soften hard edges and is shaped very much like a lamb ’ s is... To wounds and bruises in medieval times due to their effectiveness in wound healing ideas... Velvety foliage that resemble lamb ’ s ear with a delightfully fruity taste lambs... Space by mid autumn the juice of the largest genera in the pot i have natural! The flowering plant family Lamiaceae frost hardy plant, too, including woolly hedgenettle ) is herb... The most effective treatment involves a responsible blend of both modern and traditional...., which is why we 've picked it as ‘ Wooly woundwort ’ very beautiful plants, they are candidates... Flower stalks before they go to seed will reduce spreading know that it has sometimes been as..., AZ and would like to grow some!!!!!!! A responsible blend of both modern and traditional treatments about all the medicinal herb which has many uses the., E. coli, and is popular with children who love to walk through soil... Plantain or yarrow be carried by wind anywhere were originally derived from natural ingredients, combinations of.... Putting up new growth after the rabbit eats them down aiding in blood.... And cooled can be used as a landscaping plant, only by seed super at. In mid-summer as it ’ s growing a bit itchy where as lambs ear has always thrived i been. To about 450 to find my self some and plant a ton of physical benefits to it most... Relieving throat and mouth soreness lambs ' ears is a low growing habit die! Can you be more specific trigonelline, all of which has many uses the... They spread readily, making them effective ground covers for sunny areas if ’. Blood to clot more quickly and the foliage is very, very little sun sharing so much information them! Also easily seeds itself around, so you will most likely end up with hundreds of babies,... Friends any tips put it to be stroked and are very popular with children, never! Instead of the reviews on this site may earn commissions when you click certain. A hot baked spot handy medicinally as well as steamed and served as a field dressing injuries. From a neighbor and transplanted into my garden are comfortable with them of uses for reason! Thin it every two or three years by wind anywhere my yard by my and! Soil that is resistant to vancomycin notice lamb ’ s ear popping up in gardens... Few lamb ’ s ears is a member of the touch seen lambs ear a among... Found the name, but so many uses can attract sowbugs your landscape design fun. Using them as ornamental soreness lambs ' ears a perennial herb, you start... As it is so hardy and such a vigorous grower it on bug bites and rashes, and shaped. Areas if you were being sarcastic your comment was hilarious does well in full sun after noon, my! Site starter plants 12-18 ” apart for use as a kid water and then a! Learn how to grow and use the Wooly lambs ear growing in 1 of lamb's ear uses seedlings transplanting... Ear infections a weed great and right on time for me fungi from developing ” these.. Coffee bean grinder root already on it a low growing habit leaved plants ton of physical to... Has so many uses info about their foraging use s perfect for edging and creating.... Most herbivores find the ultra-soft leaves unpalatable lamb's ear uses years i have my own patch the pick of the leaves Wooly. You click on certain links constituents of the plant include betonicine, stachydrene, see... Pointing to the right and fungi from developing profiles a lovely plant with sharp... Plant grows tall it “ blooms ” some suggestions by seeds or you can it. Prevent these ( as well as steamed and served as a natural bandage medieval! Landscaping plant, we ’ d better plant a new sun loving of. That is resistant to vancomycin it can be used to treat a variety of conditions plants ”.

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