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Though Mount Florence is higher, at 12,567 feet (3,830 m), at 11,498 feet (3,505 m) the summit rises higher than most of the surrounding peaks, and offers sweeping panoramic views in every direction. Select an image to enlarge it. Known for its incredible views from Vogelsang pass of the Clark range and other high country lakes visitors to the Vogelsang area are driven to climb the added 540′ feet out of Vogelsang high camp to the pass and along the way enjoying the Vogelsang lake and surrounding landscapes. Vogelsang Peak as seen from the Rafferty Creek valley in late June,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2019, at 01:46. We saw several couples at this lake and once we hit the trail saw our first real traffic of the weekend. Vogelsang Peak: Vogelsang Peak is located in the Cathedral Range of Yosemite NP. 5.9+ 5c 17 VI 17 E1 5a Vogelsang is the highest of the High Sierra camps at over 10,000 feet above sea level. The first mile is the steepest section and will require novice backpackers as myself to stop for several gasps of air as you not only accumulate to the altitude but get your body adjusted for the workout of the day. View High-Resolution Image. So grateful we can still do these trips together. And this year I was not looking to one spot but three and both my boys would hammock camp as well. Vogelsang High camp is located just above 10,000 feet at the tree line and besides crosscountry backpackers, weekend warriors it is a favorite for fisherman who like to get access to multiple high alpine lakes in yosemite on one trip. Views of the Clark range, Gallison Lake and Bernice lake, Lewis creek basin and a variety of other peaks dressed in glacial snow pack were simply stunning as we sat together eating snacks and each of us picking out our favorite locations. Something about Cheeseburgers and Milkshakes I think is motivating after three days in the wilderness. My sons would return in the next 30-40 minutes also realizing that the weather was about to change and we best get started on our craziest part of the adventure soon. Its a short moderat climb up to vogelsang lake and at first glance i can tell you that on many of my trips this would be a world class destination that i might spend most of the day playing in the water and enjoying the wilderness. This high alpine meadow slope is stunning area with panoramic views that include the White mountain range to the North. Both have a lot of creeks and lakes along the route. After 4.5 miles of climbing the trail to Boothe lake veers West and down off the ridge. That being said in August backpackers often find isolation in wilderness a rarity. A quick stop at fletcher lake for photo opps before heading up to vogelsang lake and eventually the pass. August is great time to backpack in most of Yosemite, because we also had limited issues with mosquitos which can be problematic in early season hikes. It is located at the southeast end of the Cathedral Range, 1.2 miles northwest of Rodgers Peak. Women's Backpack to Amelia Earhart and Volgelsang Peaks with the Yosemite Conservancy Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment on a women’s backpacking trip. Which do you prefer? It was early but there seemed to be no one around. The peak was named by Col. H.C. Benson in 1907. Ireland creek is a beautiful area and in spring Ill bet is fairly loud rushing down the canyon. I will however need to update my top ten list for hikes off Tioga Pass after this hike. A 3 pm thunderstorm rolled in providing a little rain and my first ever experience of Thunder in the granite wilderness of Yosemite. a peaceful setting for certain that might be my favorite camp spot I have enjoyed backing to date. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until October. Copyright © 2021. The Vogelsang Loop is a classic hike through Yosemite’s famed alpine backcountry. A collective Wow could be heard from the group as each individual who emerged from the bushes said it at about the same spot. I read something about O type blood attracting more mosquitoes and it make sense as whenever I'm in a group I get the most bites. Mount Rainier Trail Mountains Nature Naturaleza Nature Illustration Bergen Scenery Natural. 1 month ago. I have seen amazing sights and met my first Yosemite bear at Young lakes, I have climbed off trail over rigelines to see Nelson and Matthes lakes and I sat in pure joy as I watched sun rise at Echo lakes. From the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp, this trail climbs easily to Vogelsang Pass between Vogelsang and Fletcher Peaks. Death Valley Introduces New Exhibit Overlooking Rainbow Canyon, FEATHER FALLS NATIONAL RECREATIONAL TRAIL – PLUMAS NATIONAL FOREST, Free Entrance Days for National Parks in 2021, Camping Seqouia / Kings Canyon national Park, California National Parks Update Covid-19 Closures, Wilderness Permit Reservations for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Moving to, It’s Official- Glacier Point and Tioga Roads are Closed for the Season. On a normal year there are 12 reservable permits for this trail daily and another 8 walk ups available daily. You’ll want to follow the trail past Vogelsang Lake. The swarming bugs made it hard to get good pictures but I found a lull in the feeding frenzy. At this point, you’ll be going off trail to the southwest. From the pass, the trail makes a short, but steep, descent to a crossing of Lewis Creek near its headwaters. Boothe Lake is in a bowl surrounded by ridge lines on three sides and a valley that escapes to the west on the other side. By this time the group was getting a feeling of anxiety as we started to understand what was still ahead of today. Nick’s first time visiting Yosemite for an overnight at Vogelsang HSC. Vogelsang Peak is a peak in the Cathedral Range of Yosemite National Park, located in northeastern Mariposa County, California. VS peak, 11516 ft. Saved by Sophie_Ayame B. However trail quotas we were certain to still be filled so limited people was surprising. I've always heard that this is a very beautiful area, but haven't had a chance to explore it because of its remoteness and lack of higher peaks. We set a goal of climbing vogelsang Pass early then getting a visit to as many of the Vogelsang akes as possible in the day and ending up over near Ireland lake and Lyell Canyon by night fall. Yosemite National Park Rangers hiked to the location of the plane on Sunday, July 7, 2013. Because it lies off the main crest of the Cathedral Range, it offers a dramatic view of nearly the entire range from Cathedral Peak to the northwest to Simmons Peak towards the southeast. the lake gives way to a meadow like river system that heads West toward Fletcher Lake and int eh backdrop a Crystal clear blue water shimmers with the Black and Granite colors in the backdrop. Powered by WordPress. Fletcher Peak shoots out of the Water practically on the South side and on the East side the slope is dressed with a small waterfall and a vista where Towney lake sits. We discovered quickly that we were probably only 1/3 of a mile form the Ireland lake trail spur but as we looked back up the trail towards the lake which was only 1.5 miles we chuckled at the thought that we were going to accomplish that last night. For a great peak hike, take the trail south to hike Vogelsang Peak. But on this weekend boothe lake was all ours until sunset (1 vistitor) and throughout the night. However this year would be special as it would be my first backpacking trip with both boys and my oldest son’s first backpacking experience. After a couple more dips in the lake and a couple snacks the clouds above started to get that look of an afternoon thunderstorm so I started to pack up and get ready to move, but realized that I now had three packs as my boys had dropped their packs for their adventure so I now had to wait for their return. fletcher lake is meadow and lined with short trees on the Northwest edge of the lake. Classic Climbing Routes at Vogelsang Peak Mountain Project's determination of the classic, most popular, highest rated climbing routes in this area. Climbing out of Boothe lake upto Vogelsang base camp was pleasant way to get the blood flowing for the day. This video is unavailable. Created by Valet Marketing. To: Of course in 2020 the High camp did not open for various reasons so the food service and normal activity was expected. The trail is well used and features a tree covered hike for the first 3.5 miles or so before breaking out into a large meadow that bleeds upward to your first real views of Fletcher peak. Vogelsang High Sierra Camp is one of the busiest backpacking destination in Yosemite with large trail quotas and the variety of exit points one can take once they are there, plus the standard yosemite high camp experiences such as covered tents, and real food prepared for visitors. That being said it was plenty busy with runners an hikers going up while we were headed down. With Thunder rolling behind us each of us picked up the pace and rarely stopped for a quick photo shot. With 35 daily permits for backpacking allowed on the Lyell Canyon trail i cant imagine ever wanting to go upto Ireland Lake or Vogelsang area via this route. Looking back I realized that this trip allowed me to cross of the last trail from the eastern gates to Tenaya Lake that had not hiked. Fast forward to the first weekend in August 2020 and myself, three friends and my two sons would enter a world and a timeline like no other in one of the nations most visited national parks. There is dispute over whether the peak was named for Charles A Vogelsang, an executive officer of California's State Fish and Game Commission from 1896–1901, or his brother Alexander Theodore Vogelsang, who served as president of the California State Board of Fish and Game from 1901-1910. Vogelsang Peak (11516′) at sunset, reflected in a small creek near Vogelsang High Sierra Camp in Yosemite’s high country. Photo taken from the Rafferty Creek Valley, downstream from Tuolumne Pass. However in 2020 with the trail quotas still in place but he added restrictions found in California for the Covid 19 pandemic our crew headed off to Yosemite for three day two night adventure uncertain what to expect for crowds in Yosemite high country. By map the Vogelsang area looks like it fits in a very small Geographic region but upon arriving to the region you really get a sense of the scale of the region and the climbs that were about to attempted in the day. such a stunning area and one i hope to return to someday to explore further into the Yosemite wilderness. Getting to the peak calls for scrambling over large, uneven rocks, but the trip does not require any gear. Packed and feed early the team headed down hill towards Lyell canyon. It is not often in Yosemite that you get to a Lake in the high country and not see another sole while you swim and set up camp. Vogelsang Peak, Berggipfel, ist in Mariposa County und hat eine Höhe von 11.444 Fuß. As my sons informed me that their destination was Hanging Basket Lake I decided to cross that adventure off my list and to enjoy Townsley lake a bit longer today, so they broke off and headed around the lake to their next climb 500 feet straight up a boulder field, to Hanging Basket lake to the south. Vogelsang Lake and Vogelsang Pass are iconic locations in the Yosemite backcountry. We ran into Ranger Dan at the lakeshore and as he checked our permit we asked him about the crowdless trails this weekend. The near full moon was especially bright on tis ridge adn at 2 am in the morning i found myself sitting up in the hammock to see as far as I could at 7pm with nearly perfect clarity. Backpacking in Yosemite has become a tradition for me in the short 4 year span of my backpacking life. After giving us tips on the route upto Towsley lake we said by and finished our lunch at Fletcher. After the trip several of our crew named this tundra ridge their favorite location on the trail not only for the 360 views but the race against the thunder was exhilarating. Vogelsang Peak von Mapcarta, die freie Karte. The trip back down the pass is filled with it own inspiring views of the Northside of Tuolumne and is a great reminder that no matter how far you travel into Wilderness there is always more areas to discover. It was quite powerful as the sound rolled off the rock peaks and echoed for miles. Vogelsang Peak at Vogelsang Peak at Vogelsang Peak at Summits on the Air (Amateur Radio) Weather and Snow National Weather Service Forecast NOAA Snow Depth Map Lists that contain Vogelsang Peak: Sierra Sampler List (Rank #72) Western States Climbers List (Rank #149) Sierra Club Sierra Peaks Section (Rank #196) The climb upto Vogelsang lake features a creek crossing, deer and marmots, plus fantastic surprise views to the west of Emeric Lake, clouds rest and half dome. We crossed the mountain face a climbed up out of the Townley basin to find a high tundra plain that had tremendous 360 views and several little ponds left over form the season snowpack. I particularly attract a lot of mosquitoes. vogelsang lake is beautiful with crystal clear water and a nice meadow shore line. Instantly we started to notice that our trip would be different than expected. Vogelsang Peak itself is rated class 2, together with its moderate height makes it a relatively easy climbing objective. Dinner on the rock was followed up by a friendly game pf Pine Cone Poker and watching the alpine glow turn the Kuna crest soft orange colors slowly turning purple over the next 30-40 minute into the evening. yet as we set out on our trip it was quickly obvious to me that this would be the easiest route i have done to date in Yosemite. The first ascent was on August 29, 1871 by John Boies Tileston. Mount Lyell is the highest point in Yosemite National Park, at 13,114 feet. The night again was so quiet after the 10pm Airplanes flew through we didn’t hear a sound again until the birds starting stirring around 5 am. you can take this trail also out to Emeric lake a couple mile further (Recommended to me by @lakesofyosemite) but we had chosen Boothe lake for this trip and would not be disappointed. Named after Charles A. Vogelsang, the executive officer of the California State Board of Fish and Game around 1900, the peak reaches 11,516 feet in elevation. I had seen pictures online and for whatever reason this was the location i most wanted to see and take a swim and I saw nothing stopping me from enjoying this experience completely. As my team packed up and headed back down the pass for the next part of our days adventure i stayed behind for another 20 minutes for a little solitude in wilderness on the pass. Vogelsang Peak. Im certain this route is an old horse route as at times the trail goes straight up. Vogelsang Peak's southeastern side is made up of a relatively uniform arc of steep rock. [3] Vogelsang Pass, Vogelsang Lake and the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp are located northeast of the summit. The German word "vogelsang" can be translated as "a meadow in which birds sing".[4][5]. It does feature full tree cover and running water for much of the trail, but as i hiked down this ridge I agreed with my team that I would never take this route up to Vogelsang or Ireland lake. Well known climbing routes include the Nightingale Arête (II 5.9) and the West Face (IV 5.10 A2). You will camp along pristine mountain streams, alpine lakes and at the highest of the High Sierra Camps at … When does mosquito season start and when does it peak usually? Nicol Wilson, the pilot of the plane, was found deceased at the location. The Vogelsang area is in the rugged high country of Yosemite National Park. The evening would be filled with laughter as we skipped rocks in the lake, had traditional trail food for dinner and welcomed the night to rest our tired bodies. And though there are numerous place still to see there is a great since of accomplishment knowing that if I stood in Tuolumne meadows that i have explored every trail connected location within approximately 8 miles in circumference. 2012 Hikes and Climbs All Photo Galleries. We climb high into the alpine country past Vogelsang Peak and descend to Merced Lake before climbing high again, above the epic Merced River gorge as it slices through Echo Valley. Vogelsang Peak Vogelsang Peak is a peak in the Cathedral Range of Yosemite National Park, located in northeastern Mariposa County, California.Though Mount Florence is higher, at 12,567 feet, at 11,498 feet the summit rises higher than most of the surrounding peaks, and offers sweeping panoramic views in … Named after Charles A. Vogelsang, the executive officer of the California State Board of Fish and Game around 1900, the peak reaches 11,516 feet in elevation. Though Mount Florence is higher, at 12,567 feet (3,830 m), at 11,498 feet (3,505 m) the summit rises higher than most of the surrounding peaks, and offers sweeping panoramic views in every direction. so our visit to Fletcher lake was too short, as we once again found our self at a beautiful location with no visitors. Although home is only a short 2 hour drive home and we have all day again in Yosemite, we always seem to wake early eat pack and get going on the final morning. I made another banzai speed run up to the Eastern Sierra last weekend, this time to spend two nights at reknowned Vogelsang High Sierra Camp.This was my first visit to one of Yosemite’s high country camps, and I loved it. Approximately 1 to 1.5 miles from the Wilderness Permit station up the Lyell Canyon trail Rafferty Creek trailhead splits off to the south and starts is 4.5 steady climb to Vogelsang region. Great photo shots of Vogelsang lake with the Northern wilderness dressed in the backdrop were to be had but the team broke now into several little groups who where all taking in the Yosemite wilderness in there own way. I have never camped in Yosemite when I was not next to a lake but soon after the crest of the ridge found an epic flat area on the ridge to set up three hammocks and two tents giving everyone a great vista view to enjoy for the evening of Kuna crest. Photos of Vogelsang High Sierra Camp in Yosemite National Park. One route would be going by the Catheral Lake area and the other will be from the Vogelsang area.

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