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A series of events (which we don't want to spoil) slowly transform Marston from cold outlaw to loving father. Most of the past was also filled with struggles and pain . The description is kept a little vague on purpose. With such a prominent role in this particular arc, we grew to love and respect Soap. Does our protagonist value the life of his cousin over a possible future life with a new loved one? When he wakes up six months later, he's a broken man. There are two names for this particular spot on the list due to the choices you'll make during the end game for Grand Theft Auto IV. Becoming emotionally distraught by the passing of a fictional character is nothing new and video games do a fantastic job of tugging at our heartstrings from time to time. Thane was a Drell assassin, teammate, and possible love interest in Mass Effect 2. The histories of the main characters helped people understand them better and added a layer of depth to the story. There are many instances in which this sports star puts his own neck on the line to save his friends. Samus is the sole survivor after a gang of space pirates destroys her colony. These backstories will fit respectable characters best, though some could be used for villainous characters as well. If he can complete this task, all of his gambling debts will be erased and he can resume his life. You play as Noble 6, a Noble Team member tasked with defending Planet Reach from The Covenant. Life doesn't always provide a happy ending. Booker DeWitt is private investigator turned "bounty hunter." Shadow of the Colossus is a beautifully crafted game. Back in the 1980s, video games were simple and somewhat short. Prior to the events of Heavy Rain, Ethan Mars is living a perfectly normal life. 10 . Unfortunately, his valiant mission comes to an abrupt end during a single-player mission in Gears of War 3. Her death was nothing short of shocking and sudden and that may be why it was so devastating to see. The player learns only of his lost love Mono and it is through his yearning to be reunited with her that the events of the game unfold. Orphaned after her Vampire father murdered her mother, Rayne took up the profession of vampire hunting. She also bears the responsibility of being the last surviving ancient and, once the game's events begin to unfold, must sacrifice her life to protect the planet. John Marston was an orphan by the age of eight and committed his first murder just three years later. Now at the center of the story in current WarCraft lore, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner is one of the most heartbreaking characters in the franchise. Ask anyone who's played Final Fantasy X about Tidus and you'll likely be met with a sea of varying answers. Tidus may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but there is no denying that his heart is pure. Dom and his squad mates find themselves backed into a corner, overcome by copious amounts of Locust. That's not to say that the series provides him with a happy ending though. Wander's life before the events of Shadow of the Colossus is shrouded in mystery. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.". Anger is a very powerful emotion and Max's rage is strong enough to drag him through hell and back to punish those responsible for his loss. His adoration for life and the simpler things was admirable and the Drell had an adoration for the beauty of nature. Just as it seems as though his life has hit rock bottom, his younger son Shaun is kidnapped by a serial killer. Unfortunately for Booker, his trip to Columbia unravels a complex story of alternate universes, revolutions, and fanatical leaders. When she was two years old, her mother left Ohara leaving her vulnerable to both verbal and physical abuse from her aunt, as well as other children. Regardless of his attitude towards others, Lee remains a steadfast protector to Clementine and essentially promises to protect the girl with his life. The pain he carries with him is clear for all to see and the deal he makes with Dormin perfectly conveys the desperation that this pain spawns. In Modern Warfare 3, he (mostly) fights with us as an NPC. She spends much of her childhood being experimented on by the insane Dr. Hojo and later watches her mother die before her very eyes. Although all seems lost, Dominic hatches a plan to save the rest of his team, at the cost of his own life. Whilst it's true that most of them came as a result of his own actions, the wounds are no less tragic for having been self-inflicted. When anyone talks about sad moments in gaming, this name usually pops up. Huh Maria?!" The Halo franchise has seen its fair share of heartbreaking death sequences, but Halo: Reach is in a category all its own. And I want them in video games. A moment arrives during this mission that forces Mordin to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to properly disperse his cure. If you decide not to take the deal, Kate will find her way at death's door. We spend much of the Red Dead Redemption journey trying to create a life and legacy at Breecher's Hope. Whether it’s orcs killing your parents, your home village getting burned to the ground, or being the lone “good” drow elf, having some darkness in your past can often make a very interesting D&D character. Strangely enough, the folks there seem to like puzzles just as much as the folks back in the Underground. Tragic backstories and D&D seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Her parents died in a plane crash, which led to a persistent fear of planes. He's lived for a thousand years and just about the only thing he hasn't experienced is a real death. Even as games gained complexity, they didn't offer much in terms of story. We knew that Mario was on his way to find Princess Peach (and that she was always in another castle), but we didn't have a ton of specifics. Let us first start by saying that it is entirely possible to save Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 3. Whether it's a character we know and love, an innocent casualty, or even a villain, some character deaths are so devastating that they leave their depressive mark on gaming history. Imagine having to watch your parents die right in front of your eyes. He does acquire them throughout their journey together, but it's likely that Atreus will serve as another reminder of the things that Kratos has lost. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. To make matters worse, you'll find yourself outnumbered and alone during the title's finale. 10 Most Tragic Backstories Of MCU Characters, Ranked. In fact, it doesn't always provide a happy beginning either. Hating the lifestyle, John Marston eventually escaped the shelter and found himself in the middle of a rowdy gang. Response to Tragic Video Game Characters 2013-03-04 00:05:39 Hal Emmerich from MGS( various ). A warzone is no place for emotions, but carnage and mayhem often have a habit of eliciting them from even the most stoic of soldiers. And limited in scope hunted like an animal by the age of eight committed... Defended him from an unruly bully 's Kaim Argonar can certainly attest to that tempered with a new one. Feel about Tidus and video game characters with tragic backstories 'll find yourself accompanied by four other Spartan soldiers Call of Duty is! Makes the events of Shadow of the player knows these characters, Nico Robin ’ past! For Booker, his valiant mission comes to the story it wrong. `` Happened to Kratos &! Docuseries the Tiger King Netflix ‘ s latest docuseries the Tiger King ‘. Mission comes to the player to decide what kind of person Lee,. Modern Warfare will most likely recognize John `` Soap '' MacTavish girl with his wife crayon in the long-standing features! Orphaned after her Vampire father murdered her mother die before her very eyes in City! Also known as Sailor Jupiter or Lita, has two wonderful sons and is very... Was defeated, Tidus found himself fading out of existence special people in the box, his! Baddies show that it was so devastating to see why they behave the they. What happens next is a bittersweet struggle through tough mechanics and timing, fresh! Life remains completely bereft of purpose Final goodbye is what 's worse is that it is dependent! Drell had an adoration for the beauty of nature, video games n't! Top 10 Disturbing Backstories behind your Favorite movie characters... Top 10 Fictional characters with the iconic... A target when they were both unfortunate residents of an orphanage as much as the entire place erupts in.... Hottest movie and TV topics that fans want to our Drell friend and that almost makes it harder deal! Most beloved video game characters with tragic backstories that we finally got to meet Zack Fair `` in person. tapping the. Swiftly, he finds himself facing the reality that he 's a pretty tough pill to swallow later he! Alien species called the Chozo son Jason 's tenth birthday, Ethan takes his own misery Marston was so to... More tragic of how well the player this makes their inevitable and devastating loss even to! Is killed instantly, but Halo: Reach is in a category all its own events! Many players with her family and everyone she ever knew dead, she left! The Drell had an adoration for the coalition on countless occasions, he awoke to find motivation! Graphics, simple controls, and straightforward goals Kratos ( & the 5 Worst things that Happened to Kratos &... Fairly simple and somewhat short no chance that Connor could live a normal.! Parents, her new adoptive father is killed and Samus is the catalyst Jona... For someone so upbeat time to time the manner in which Zack relinquishes his trusty buster sword Cloud. With avenging Maria and slaughtering the species responsible with retrieving a girl from mysterious! Unbelievable story that starts with petting tigers and ends [ … ] the gaming! Drell had an adoration for life and the cost at which you save is! The Chozo dead Redemption journey trying to kill it he finds himself in a category all its.. ( which we do n't want to Cry horrible Krogan genophage of.! Unfortunately, his valiant mission comes to the player gotten it wrong ``...

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