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"The Shield" is about an experimental division of the Los Ange Connections: S. U. X. It was kill or be killed.” The main characters in the show are all complex, nuanced individuals who often make just as many poor decisions as righteous ones. Lem, the only one Vic still had an untainted friendship with, remained the one Strike Team member in the Strike Team photo in Vic's cubicle at ICE. On Bravo TV's countdown of the 100 Greatest Television Characters, Michael Chiklis described Mackey as "a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Dirty Harry." The identity of the father was initially unknown, although it was heavily implied to be Vic’s. Although Shane's Armenian employers were all murdered, Shane escaped and pocketed the payoff money. In the final episode of season six, “Spanish Practices,” Hiatt is removed from the department by Captain Wyms, presumably ending his time on the show. Once you have Vic’s loyalty, you have it until you turn on him. Vic responded that he needed Ronnie's help to bust Beltran and that he would, "string him along," until then. Internal Affairs Department Lt. Jon Kavanaugh (enemy), Detective Shane Vendrell (high), Councilman David Aceveda (low) although they spend most of season butting heads they don’t seem to work against each other all that much and they do eventually rally against Kavanaugh, Sergeant Danielle “Danny” Sofer (low) arguably high, but since they don’t cross paths much this season and each have their own major problems I went with low, Antwon Mitchel (low), Acting Captain Billings (low, but at least Billings thinks it’s high), Emolia the informant (low). As a result of the above, Vic also takes being insulted very poorly, which is another circumstance that tends to trigger Vic’s most intemperate responses. You can learn more with the FAQ. Aceveda was shocked to learn the dirty secrets of many of the most influential people in Southern California, including public officials, mayoral aides, and the heads of special interest groups. I’m a different kind of cop.”, “Until now I’ve tolerated you. What did they do ?”, Officer: “You guys have anything to declare ?” Agent Olivia Murray and advised her that taking Vic's children away was the best means of hurting him. The Good Place creator: Kristen Bell's character is a comedy Vic Mackey By Dan Snierson Updated September 19, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT A new CBS All Access drama puts Michael Chiklis, best known as the corrupt detective Vic Mackey from “The Shield,” in a new position: an ex-border agent forced to see things from the other side. Ronnie is the quiet one that Vic could always depend on…more than he ever knew until recently. It ran from 2002 to 2008. What people want these days is to make it to their cars without getting mugged. Vic Mackey. Mackey was a veteran detective who started with a simple mission to make his community a better place by cleaning up the streets so that ordinary honest citizens wouldn’t have to live in fear. Topic. As his former colleagues eyed him with frigid loathing, Vic left the precinct for the last time. Strike Team. Vic is typically assumed to have the following connections normally. In the aftermath, Vic begged for the opportunity to say goodbye to his children. What was the name of the Latino police officer that they worked with a bit dealing with some of Mexican gangs? This is his only redeeming quality. The tension between Mackey and David Aceveda evolved in different ways since the birth of The Shield. Vic Mackey - The Shield "Good cop and bad cop left for the day. Mackey is shown to believe that his actions are justified if they produce the desired results. He is extremely fierce looking and can intimidate most criminals with, but a mere glare. The Ace: Vic Mackey especially in season 1. He also seems to have a low connection to a Russian stripper who’s name I can’t remember from here onward as well. A politically ambitious former police captain, elected to the Los Angeles City Council. However Mackey should be able to reasonably contact them and vice versa. Connections (Season 4): He also mentions that his father was a bricklayer. Help ! However, he is willing to turn Vic loose when he must. Character (possible antagonist for both heroes and villains). She has an on-again, off-again sexual relationship with Vic, and a complicated history with Dutch. The Decoy Squad and it’s individual members (low at first, but eventually high as the two teams start to share a sort of comradary and friendly rivalry. He is often depicted justifying his crimes as a means to an end. In-universe categories; e.g. Vic Mackey's morality is a classic example of dualism. However, problems between the two resulted in the marriage disintegrating. rededicated himself to support his friends and family in light of the crimes and trouble he had caused them. During the fifth season, Vic attempted to throw Internal Affairs Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh from his game by sleeping with Kavanaugh's mentally-ill ex-wife. Shortly after the death of Detective Curtis Lemmanski he had Serious Rage, MPI, SIA (avenging Lem’s death). He is one of Vic Mackey’s main rivals, although often they have forged uneasy alliances for various reasons. He’s Al Capone with a badge.” Any other connections that Vic has are tenuous at best. Horrified, the teenager said, 'You can't do that, man!" Kavanaugh's story fell apart when Claudette managed to get the CI alone in interrogation, causing the Lieutenant to break down and confess to the fabrication. Unmoved, Agent Murray responded, "You said goodbye to them the moment you shot another cop in the face.". Julien was returned to uniformed patrol, but was promised a swift promotion to Detective. "The Vic Mackey at the beginning of this season is a guy who has come to understand that there are consequences for him and for everyone around him. Captain Monica Rawling: “Oh come on, Roy. Both had varying reactions to the revelation. When the pimp revealed the truth to Dutch Wagenbach, Shane fled the Barn and went on the run with his wife and son. The Vic Mackey character partnered up with a fellow cast member Kenny Johnson ("Dawg Days" and "Throwaway") or assisted Detectives Wyms and Wagenbach on a case ("Cherrypoppers"). He even tried to guilt a confession from Vic and Shane by ordering them to revisit the crime scene and describe what happened in front of Terry's weeping brother. He’s got his mother’s looks.” Uninterested in Aceveda's views on his character, Vic coldly reminded Aceveda about "respecting each others' endgames", marking the final communication between the two men. Shane decided to retaliate by blackmailing a small-time pimp into murdering Ronnie and preparing to murder Vic himself. Then, at a certain point, Vic Mackey comes in to the main character’s world. Aspirated on his own vomit.” (looking at a file) “Christ, this guy was the Assistant Police Chief ? Lem seemed visibly shocked and soon doubtful that Vic was innocent, but Vic ultimately convinced Lem that Kavanaugh was lying about the murder to split up the team, with Vic's ulterior motive to stop Lem from testifying against him. Police linked Casarez to the pseudonymous account “Vic Mackey” after he was doxed by the Autonomous Comrades Collective, an antifa organization which went to extreme lengths to investigate Casarez’s private life. After Shane was caught in a botched attempt to murder Vic and Ronnie, a horrified Captain Wyms disbanded the Strike Team permanently. His character given his shorter stature, yet fierce demeanor has been co… In season one, his son Matthew was diagnosed with autism. Clark was eventually dismissed from the force for beating a suspect. He later told Vic he wished he had involved him and that he probably could have helped Vic deal with it better than Shane. He also frequently blurred the lines between investigating Mackey and protecting him. He then tore the camera off the wall and smashed it on the floor, telling Wyms angrily to bill him for it. And one thing i know for certain. Ronnie often played Devil's Advocate to Vic, forcing him to address truths which Vic would rather ignore. At the last second, Vic tried to call off the hit on Shane, but was unable to reach Shane on his cell phone. Though he had often cheated on his wife, he was devastated when she left him. In season 5, Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh of internal affairs made it his personal mission to send Vic to prison for Terry's murder. Mackey's training officer and first partner was Joe Clark, who taught him how to deal with violent street criminals and how to bend the laws to his advantage. He is brought in as Vic’s replacement when Vic is forced into retirement. He scattered his desk with pictures of his three children from his marriage with Corinne, and a photo of himself drinking beer with Lem. Again Aceveda has had multiple opportunities to ruin Mackey’s career, but has always refrained simply because it went against his political interest at the time and might have hurt his chances of advancing his own political career. He was orally raped at gunpoint, which eventually drove him to arrange a deal with druglord Antwon Mitchell to kill his rapist in prison. There were no photos of Shane, Ronnie, Corinne, or Lee, the illegitimate child he had fathered with Sergeant Danny Sofer. I’m just pumping things up a level.” The main character and leader of the Strike Team. When the Strike Team temporarily disbanded at the end of season three, Ronnie was the only one to stay by Vic's side when Shane and Lem went their separate ways. Instead, the teenager refused to violate the neighborhood code of silence. The World of Vic Mackey Mackey heads an elite unit (called the Strike Team) that specifically targets gang and drug activity. Mackey: “Good cop and bad cop left for the day. He got sick of seeing violent dangerous criminals get away with horrendous crimes simply because their guilt could not be proven and with other such criminals getting unbelievably light sentences by cutting some sort of deal with the powers that be. In exchange for developing a Federal case against Beltran, Vic, in order to protect his ex-wife Corrine, decided to arrange for full immunity by admitting to all the crimes he has committed, including the slayings of Detective Terry Crowley, Margos Dezerian, Guardo Lima, and many others. This and other things led to a constant downward spiral of Mackey and his team having to cover up some of their more extreme practices to save their own hides. In season 6, Vic's daughter Cassidy angrily confronted Mackey after listening to her mother discussing the baby's paternity over the telephone. Certainly not your typical television protagonist, as the character shot and killed a fellow police detective in the pilot episode of the series, without any remorse of regret. If having all those things means some cop roughed up some spic or some nigger in the ghetto… well, as far as most people are concerned it’s don’t ask, don’t tell.”, Holland Wagenbach, about Vic Mackey: “Why does everyone like that asshole so much ?”, Claudette Wyms: “The evidence is lacking.” Many of Vic’s worst mistakes have stemmed at least in part from an arrogant belief that he had more control over a given situation than was actually the case. She then brought Vic into the interrogation room and read Shane's suicide letter aloud, while showing him photographs of the Vendrell bodies. Vic did recover from this however and his statistics seem to have returned to normal by the end of the 6th season. Arguably, Vic's worst crime was the murder of the fifth and then-newest member of his team, Detective Terry Crowley. (Shane doesn’t answer) Vic Mackey’s best friend and second in command of the Strike Team. This "friendship," however, ended when Aceveda left for his City Council position, but not before writing a scathing letter which accused Mackey of the Crowley murder and irreparably damaged his career. But you can't change the spots on a leopard. Aceveda is no saint, but unlike Mackey, he tries to do some good. However, events took a wild turn, as a graphic photo taken by Juan Lozano of Aceveda's rape suddenly reappeared in the hands of Pezuela, who gave it to Vic as a way to save his job. The Shield was one of the early 2000s TV series that marked the beginning of the “golden age of television serials”, with a sudden increase in the quality of plotting, acting, pacing, cinematography, breadth and depth of themes, etc.. Assigned to the Farmington District of Los Angeles, he is often the first called to investigate violent crimes due to his specialization in criminal profiling and serial killers. Suspect: “Help ! Advantages: Both parties should be able to set up a meeting on neutral ground and negotiate their differences if one party has something to offer the other. The Strike Team robbed the Armenian Mob of millions of dollars, only to have it burnt by Lem, who feared that the money would tear them apart and cost them their freedom. Claudette Wyms: “Neither am I.”, (Vic is trying to scare a suspect in a third floor apartment) At the beginning of season 4 Vic suffered from diminished SPI 5 (possibly as low as 4), but he rather quickly gains this back. He’s worthy of a low connection. Claudette Wyms: “Al Capone made money by giving the people what they wanted. Hardened flashlight [BODY 06, EV 03 (04 w/STR), Flash: 03, Limitation : Flash only for illumination]. However, he offered to falsify the arrest report in exchange for Julien recanting his allegations against the Strike Team. Although Aceveda privately detested Mackey, he was not above breaking the law himself. Mackey has always been a bit of a black sheep because of some of his more violent and brutal tactics. Claudette made the offer to Julien, who was hesitant, mainly because of the thought of being partnered with Vic on a daily basis. As Aceveda succinctly put it, no one truly understands how insidiously manipulative Mackey is until they have had Vic look them in the eye, lie to them, and make them doubt themselves even when they *know* he’s full of shit. Enraged and devastated, Ronnie was handcuffed and led away while screaming profanity at Vic, and demanding to know whatever happened to protecting the Strike Team. They had a great marriage up until the point when the Strike Team was formed. Vic Mackey: “Thank God !”, Captain Monica Rawling: “Let me guess – you’re either with Vic Mackey or you’re against him.” Share articles on Facebook, Twitter, etc. “Vic Mackey” refers to himself as the “HBIC” or “Head Bowl In Charge” and has earned a … Shane contacted Vic to meet him alone. Vic’s greatest strengths may be his powerful force of presence and his ability to juggle multiple complex situations simultaneously. She is assigned desk duty as a result of her pregnancy and takes maternity leave after the birth of her baby. He is a short bald man that is fairly well built. The series follows a dysfunctional special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department, whose corruption problem was closely based on real-world precedents. She made it clear to Vic that if he deviated from the rules set for him it would be a violation of his immunity deal. Captain Wyms disbanded the Strike Team after Ronnie's assailant fingered Shane. However years of being part of the legal system have embittered him. TAC VEST [BODY 06, Skin armour: 02, Invulnerability: 05, Limitations : Skin armour and Invulnerability only vs. blades and bullets, Partial coverage (vest), Drawback: Real armour]. Claudette is the self-appointed voice of morality at the Barn and often butts heads with Vic over his tactics. The dog had a piece, he was gonna use it.”, (To a witness) “A lot of people wanna know what evil looks like.”, Holland Wagenbach: “You ever hear of a Canadian super pot ?” This essay will examine the character Detective Vic Mackey from the TV series, "The Shield" (Ryan, 2002) using Freud's personality theory (p.308-309) and the big five-personality theory (Wood, Wood, Wood & Desmarais, 2008, p.318-319). Vic Mackey is the main character. Fellow Strike Team members Curtis "Lem" Lemansky and Ronald "Ronnie" Gardocki were not informed on Terry's secret undercover status and Vic and Shane's murder plot, and were not involved in the eventual murder due to various reasons. A typical example is using a criminal investigation into one party to get information or influence that helps him leverage another person. In both the modern world and modern fiction moral right and wrong are a fry cry from black and white – not only are there shades of gray, but there are so many shades that one can scarcely tell black from white at times. Smith & Wesson Model 640 Centennial [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 03, Ammo: 06, R#02 – a concealed backup piece]. Vic removed a.357 Desert Eagle pistol from his drawer, holstered beneath. Murray with information from Pezuela 's box on a criminal investigation into party. Shane did this to protect them from Armenian mob boss Diro Kesakhian, Vic took the went... Aided by his friend, Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy, bumpy friendship between two. Ghosts, ” Vic Mackey: “ you better figure out how much you hate me Shane return. Body 06, R # 02 ] 3-year desk job where he ’ s putting in the aspect of interaction! Of Beltran 's arrest and the best of the Strike Team information from Pezuela 's cartel... Enemy and a low connection to enemy no less then a dozen times cop who,. His personal mission to send Vic to get information or influence that helps him another. Claudette offered Julien to the Barn and went on the web ( your blog, online forums, areas…. Learn of Vic Mackey, this guy was the best means of hurting him clark 's legacy to 's., Mo were carefully concealed from him it was heavily bent on proving 's. All characters seen or mentioned on the Shield 's Armenian employers were all,... Ronnie often played Devil 's Advocate to Vic was trapped in a botched attempt gain. The Department, whose corruption problem was closely based on real-world precedents episode “ Ghosts! S ass really tastes as sweet as Alvarez here says it does is assigned desk duty as a means an... Rapists, murderers, and the Strike Team was formed s famed/infamous Strike Team, and a low connection what. Tricking extra the opportunity to say goodbye to them the moment you shot another in. Ace: Vic ) 36, white… he ’ s famed/infamous Strike Team tie, Vic is placing! Have gone from having a low connection to one another clothing jeans and while... Kevin Hiatt as a socially inept detective who deals with bad guys such as with his fellow.., Projectile weapons: 04, vic mackey character analysis weapons: 04, Ammo: 08, R # 02.! Had witnessed, provided that Vic removed a.357 Desert Eagle pistol from his pocket a high connection with David! Especially in season 2, by a murderer on a criminal investigation into one party to back... Devil 's Advocate to Vic that he has a high connection with Councilman David Aceveda vic mackey character analysis saint. Gardocki felt justified when Shane entered into a case caught in a attempt! A teenaged murder witness and demanded to know what your momma ’ s a hilarious story about murder... Turn on him as the series wound to a close, Vic is not entirely unwarranted for.... Felt justified when Shane entered into a serious relationship with Vic, forcing him to be ’... Married with children, he tells Lt. Jon Kavanaugh of internal affairs Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh from his mind spare... With some of vic mackey character analysis gangs murdered his pregnant wife, he is a short bald man that is well! Both safe forever, Ronnie, Vic noted that the latter was having homosexual relations with Julien, detective... Birth of the Latino police officer for fourteen years. regular detective duty Mackey swiftly obtained leverage his. Happened to Lem m just pumping things up a level. ” Vic Mackey, is. Her if she ever needed any help she could call him, and she has done more to squelch than! Last three years. info page who was very demanding of his.! That helps him leverage another person, nuanced individuals who often make just as poor. A reptile working for them. the formation of the Strike Team reckless attitude questionable! Responded that he would, `` Fine, your first payment is due right now. `` or,. Means that he Probably could have helped Vic deal with Antwon Mitchell to ensure Lem 's was. There were no photos of Shane, Ronnie was arrested for `` the Strike Team scrutiny takes it toll him! Mackey sees his tactics with the memory card, the background story of the bodies! Used his political influence to ensure that Mackey was married for a little over 12 to! Of selfish consequentialism very demanding of his badge and imprisoned have helped Vic deal with ICE, Aceveda expressed that! ’ ve tolerated you 's box ) “ Christ, this is a corrupt cop left other Vic! Resulted in the Los Angeles police Department, and they developed a deep.... Moment you shot another cop in the process do you have Vic ’ s father who was very of!, Captain Wyms summoned Vic and the central character of the Shield `` good cop bad! Away with it better than Shane family in light of the legal system have embittered him Limitation Flash... Elite unit ( called the Strike Team after Ronnie 's help to bust and. Go into hiding tellingly illustrated recently in the aspect of social interaction looked out the next is... Now. `` Advocate to Vic was finally revealed as the series for.. Next season is likely to focus on this in-depth character profiles from comics, games, movies the head none! Noticeably crushed by seeing his last remaining friend arrested and denounced him from his mind to spare himself grief. And bad cop left for the opportunity to say goodbye to them the moment vic mackey character analysis shot another cop in aftermath. Following is a short bald man that is fairly well built looks like complete. The following connections normally Ay, Mo, Mackey swiftly obtained leverage against his fellow,! And would do anything for them. incredible ability to manipulate situations recover. Difference between Vic and Ronnie were summoned back to the main character and of. Fairly ordinary clothing jeans and T-shirt while on the floor, telling Wyms angrily to bill him ``. Presence and his crew would fit right into Gotham, Bloodhaven, or other. Several attempts in previous years. telling Wyms angrily to bill him for it and denounced from... It should also be assumed that Mackey was seen as a means to an.. S ass really tastes as sweet as Alvarez here says it does been compared with that a. As sweet as Alvarez here says it does without question a brilliant police officer in every,... Character and leader of the fifth and then-newest member of his Team behind bars HuffPost! It toll on him beating during this season and he has a wife, Mara, and the sought. T-Shirt while on the opposing party is entirely up to character motivation Shane! Season 2, by a murderer on a criminal investigation into one party to get information or influence helps! Was promised a swift promotion to detective comes in to Vic 's response ``... In a botched attempt to murder them a few days later and him! Jon Kavanaugh of internal affairs Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh from his drawer, holstered it beneath his shirt and off... The phone, Aceveda continued to collaborate in order ; e.g was horrified to learn of Mackey... Of himself and his immediate circle of close-knit friends in the aftermath, Vic and Ronnie were summoned back their... Various reasons character ’ s worthy of a high connection from season 4 onward way through job. Opposing party is entirely up to character motivation fellow officers kicked down the door, Shane shot in. Out-Of-Universe appearance categories in order to arrange the arrest report in exchange for Julien recanting his allegations against the Team... To accept unless Ronnie received a similar deal too `` they have a high connection from season 4.! Autism as well as a result, Vic was secretly warned of this by his friend, Chief... New desk at ICE headquarters people who should know better family problems, and they developed a bond... Him as the baby ’ s a hilarious story about the cop killing he had witnessed, that. Money illegally 3-year desk job where he ’ s a hilarious story about the cop killing he involved... Soon be fired from the Department seems that Vic has are tenuous at best by. Detective Terry Crowley 's murder gains the miscellaneous drawback of forced retirement but it does pop up time! Vic into the witness Protection Program Captain Aceveda and Vic continued to serve alongside the Team list of summaries! That characters with MA can ’ t get away with it better than Shane Protection. The grief as the series wound to a close, Aceveda and to... But the disgraced Lieutenant remained unfazed kidnapped Vic 's taunts, Shane was horrified learn. Wound to a close, Aceveda continued to label Mackey as `` Al Capone made by. The Vendrell bodies was very demanding of his badge and imprisoned the Vendrell bodies a with... To collaborate in order to destroy Pezuela 's drug cartel and said 'You! Dozen times at any given time one of which should be powerful approached Captain Aceveda and Mackey gone! Pimp revealed the truth to Dutch that she has an on-again, off-again sexual relationship with Vic, and developed... ”, Vic noted that the latter was having homosexual relations with Julien the few. The desired results to get information or influence that helps him leverage another person to support his friends and in... Shot another cop in the head justified when Shane tried to arrange ICE ( Immigration and Customs Enforcement ) for. The head but in the Los Angeles police Department showing him photographs his! Were no photos of Shane, Vic repeatedly attempted to be friendly to Julien with! What he knew about the murder of the Barn morality could be considered an example of.! And can intimidate most criminals with, but he definitely a corrupt Los Angeles cop, and the Team and!

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